Calculate Energy, Water, and Labor Savings

  Cooling tower filtration systems
This calculator requires Microsoft Excel software

Download Cooling Tower Filtration ROI Calculator

Calculate cost savings, payback, and return on investment when adding filtration to a cooling tower or chiller. Real dollar expenses are tracked and energy usage and savings factored in as well. This is a great tool to help you make the decision whether to add filtration and justify that decision with hard dollar costs.

This Microsoft Excel-based tool does NOT consider all the ADDITIONAL "soft cost" and non-monetary advantages of cooling tower filtration, which includes:

  • Being GREEN, and improving sustainability
  • Reduced risk of employee injury due to elimination of slippery and potentially dangerous manual basin cleaning
  • Legionella prevention and Legionnaire's Disease, which are at lower risk with centrifugal-separator based filtration.
  • Cost savings of reduced chemical treatment expenses, since proper filtration will allow chemicals to be utilized more efficiently, thus requiring fewer chemicals.
This calculator spreadesheet is a step by step, easy fill-in-the-blank tool for the hvac professional. You will need to know the energy cost in dollars per kilowatt hour at your location.

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