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White Paper Highlights Filtration ROI and Energy Savings


With fears of global warming, expanding carbon footprints, and depleting fuel resources, “energy efficiency” is more than just a few buzzwords. It’s a growing major concern for every nation on the planet.

Many countries are now taking concrete steps to improve energy efficiency and lower dependency on natural resources. The European Union recently implemented their Energy Efficiency Directive. The plan calls for all countries in the union to lower their energy use by 20% by the year 2020. With a constantly growing population using more energy everyday, this is a huge challenge.

energy savingsAcross the pond in the United States, the Energy Policy Acy of 2005 is keeping developers busy, finding way to save energy in new and existing structures. The act includes a series of tax credits and incentives for builders who implement energy saving equipment in their projects.

One available credit under the act is about to expire. Available to building owners or to contractors working on government buildings, the Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction expires in 2013. Already extended once in 2008, the tax incentive encourages building owners to increase the usage of energy saving equipment.

Filtration Is Key To Saving Energy
Filtration plays a key role in saving energy in HVAC installations. Unwanted solids can enter cooling systems, clogging or fouling heat exchanger equipment. That can lead to excessive energy and water waste, as well as increased maintenance and downtime. These problems negatively affect sustainability and system efficiency, driving energy usage up.

Adding a separator or other filtration system is a great way to save energy. In many cases the installation of a separator will result in measurable energy savings so effective that they often pay for themselves in less than a year. A large department store chain discovered just how great those savings could be when they installed different filtration options in different stores and compared the results. Those results were put in a Case Study, which was analyzed in a recent white paper published and presented at the AHR Exposition last January.

LEARN MORE About Filtration Energy and Cost Savings in FREE White Paper
Noted HVAC Energy Consultant George Oranski has written a white paper entitled "Energy Conservation through Filtration and Hydronic Free Cooling " in which he reviews the findings in this Case Study and outlines the benefits of an effective filtration system. His conclusions:

  • A total of 15% total electric savings was realized.
  • Chemical usage was reduced 15 to 20% and major maintenance savings was recorded.
 CLICK HERE to download this FREE, comprehensive white paper, and start thinking now filtration can improve your hydronic cooling system and save energy and money at the same time.


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