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For Maximum Strength, Even Steel Needs Help From Filtration


Standing close to where the World Trade Center Towers once stood proud and tall, the Freedom Tower is now piercing the Manhattan skyline as New York City’s tallest building. Since the terrorist attacks on U.S. soil on 9/11, more than 200 iron workers have been vigorously working to construct the soon to be 1,776 foot high tower. Now at over 1,244 feet high, the 104 story tall Freedom Tower has surpassed the height of the Empire State building.

Freedom Tower - Photo Courtesy of the Collins CollectionThe new Freedom Tower has been designed with safety as a number one priority, a role in which steel manufacturing is very important. Built to withstand future possible terrorist attacks, the new tower is equipped with more than 70 elevators, escalators, and steel counterweights provided by the largest steel manufacturers in the world. The steel counterweights alone will total 800,000 pounds!

Constructing such a colossal structure requires talented professionals and the finest quality steel that can be produced. Steelmakers know there are no shortcuts to producing product, and the proper use of filtration within a steel mill has become vitally important and a Best Practice among the world's top steelmakers.

AIST Steel Technology Conference Highlights Filtration

At the AIST Steel Technology Conference and Exposition this week in Atlanta, the newest innovations and Best Practices in steel and metals production were shared with industry professionals. Filtration solutions took center stage displaying products and techniques designed to deal with solids removal from scale pits, preventing spray nozzle clogging, and protecting pump seals. Effective filtration reduces unscheduled downtime, product rejection and energy consumption.

New Case Study: Filtration at a Metals Manufacturer in Kentucky
A new Case Study highlights the challenges of effective steel production. One large rolled metals producer in the USA was having trouble with metal scale re-entering their water loop system, clogging their heat exchangers and spray nozzles. It was forcing them to halt production and manually clean the tank as many as three times per week, and also was affecting the overall quality of the product.

They examined different options and determined that a LAKOS filtration system was the perfect answer. The plant has saved thousands of dollars in maintenance and energy expenses, and paid off the initial cost of the separator in just months. Their labor savings alone equal $18,000 per year.

Download the FREE Metals Manufacturing Case Study
Get this new Case Study and read details of the installation, including full color photos and return on investment information. Learn how filtration can help improve your industrial product manufacturing process.


Very interesting and informative piece on the use of filtration in steel mills, which is key to manufacturing high quality and structurally sound steel.
Posted @ Thursday, August 23, 2012 11:46 AM by tyler
High quality metal have a huge factor in heat exchangers and cooling towers.
Posted @ Sunday, June 01, 2014 9:48 PM by Cooling Tower Australia
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