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Fans at the Big Game Will Stay Warm Thanks To District Energy Management


At the end of each football season, millions of people around the world gather in front of their television sets to watch the biggest sporting event in the United States -- the Super Bowl. This Sunday’s Big Game at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis appears as if it will be no exception to this trend, as media buzz builds excitement until the time for the opening kickoff has arrived. The game will pit conference champions against each other as the New England Patriots face off against the New York Giants. But even before those two teams take the field in the heat of battle, another huge challenge will be faced by a 3rd team -- the team of highly talented professionals responsible for keeping the air and water temperatures comfortable throughout the game -- for the players as well as the estimated Lucas Oil Stadium crowd of 63,000 screaming fans.

Fan comfort at Lucas Stadium courtesy of LAKOSCitizens Thermal The Champions Before The Game Begins
The team behind the scenes will use state-of-the-art district energy techniques and equipment to ensure that heating and cooling systems inside the stadium operate without any problems and at maximum efficiency. District management experts Citizens Thermal provide steam heat and chilled water for cooling to more than 250 commercial buildings in the downtown Indianapolis area, including Lucas Oil Stadium -- the home of the Indianapolis Colts and Super Bowl 2012.

Citizens Thermal has relied on LAKOS Filtration Solutions for over a decade to remove unwanted solids from chilled water production. Keeping the chillers clean is essential for maintaining efficiency. Without proper filtration, district energy plants are forced to work harder to maintain proper temperatures, wasting time, energy, and water. LAKOS keeps the chillers running at their highest efficiency, therefore helping to keep both teams and fans at the Super Bowl comfortable, and the stadium equipment running smoothly.

Download the FREE District Energy Case Study and Read More Details
Citizens Thermal are experts at the techniques of cooling tower filtration and district energy management, and opposing teams should study their playbook. Downtown Indiananpolis is a shining example of their expertise, and the Citizens Thermal Case Study describes their success there in some details. Color photographs from the Indianapolis installations are included. Download the FREE District Energy Case Study today, and read how these champions in their field play their game, and make winners of all their customers.

And if you are in the Virgina area next week, stop by the LAKOS demontration (Table 40) at the International District Energy Association’s Annual Campus Energy Conference taking place in Arlington, VA from February 6 - 9.



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