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LAKOS manufactures centrifugal separators and other filtration systems for a variety of applications. Visit our home page to see our full product line and range of solutions.

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Product of the Year Awards for Agricultural Technology


Groundwater Innovation Moves Forward
Water in itself doesn’t seem new and exciting. It hasn’t changed much since the Garden of Eden. But the process in which we treat this precious resource is constantly evolving to be faster, cleaner, and more efficient. Groundwater plays an increasingly important role in ecosystems across the globe, so new technology and forward thinking are necessary to keep it clean for generations to come.

InnovationTwistIIClean Filter A Winner in Product of the Year Competition
Each year the organizers of the World Ag Exposition select their Products of the Year. Yesterday they made their selections for 2012, and the TwistIIClean  sediment filter from LAKOS has been named to their list! The newest filter from the most trusted name in separator filtration eliminates cleaning hassles and keeps sand out of residential water supplies. The TwistIIClean will be on display at the World Ag Exposition in Tulare (California) on February 14-16, 2012, along with many other LAKOS Groundwater and Agricultural filtration products. The TwistIIClean received a Top-10 Honorable Mention in the competition.

Homeowners and Installers Alike Praise the TwistIIClean Filter
The World Ag Expo team of judges are not the only ones who have been impressed by the effectiveness of the TwistIIClean. Read some comments and testimonials from people who have already tried this product.

  • "Once again LAKOS has come up with a functional and easy-to-use product. The TwistIIClean not only efficiently traps sand and sediment, but with a simple turn of the handle to flush and clean the unit, maintenance is a snap. From a company that always listens and responds to its customers, I would expect nothing less."
  • " ...The fact that the TwistIIClean filter can be purged and cleaned without shutting down the pump, makes this filter the best I have used without doubt!"World Ag Expo Award

The innovation that can be found in the TwistIIClean carries over into all of the LAKOS products, including separators that prevent sand damage to pumps and valves in water wells.

Pump Protection Separator Saves City Water Well
One city in Illinois desperately needed some filtration innovation at one of their municipal water wells that was supposed to provide clean water to residents.The well was so contaminated with sandstone grains that it had to be shut down. It seemed like their only option was to go through a rehabilitation process that could cost the city upwards of $150,000.

A LAKOS Pump Protection Separator (PPS) was installed in order to save the well that had been previously deemed unusable. For a fraction of what a complete rehabilitation would have cost, LAKOS successfully removed the sandstone grains that were infiltrating the city’s water.

Download The FREE City of Rochelle Case Study
Get the whole story on how LAKOS saved the City of Rochelle’s municipal water well from expensive well rehabilitation. Download the full case study with color photos here and quotes from the customer.


I am interested in agriculture sector. I need to know more about trainings in this field, though I am chemical engineer by profession
Posted @ Saturday, November 17, 2012 3:07 AM by Eric Mabotha
I am interested in agriculture sector. I need to know more about trainings in this field, though I am chemical engineer by profession
Posted @ Saturday, November 17, 2012 3:09 AM by Eric Mabotha
Hi Eric, you can learn more about irrigation filtration at or about groundwater filtration at 
From there you can browse through various filtration solutions or download a comprehensive pdf version of our catalog. I hope that helps! 
Posted @ Wednesday, November 21, 2012 11:29 AM by LAKOS Marketing
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