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Education and Filtration Are Keys To Solving Nitrate Water Problems


The fight over clean groundwater is becoming increasingly more intense around the world. Water supplies in some countries are reaching historic lows, while in the U.S., Nevada and Utah continue their legal battle over the Snake Valley groundwater pipeline project. The dispute could possibly end in the Supreme Court, bringing the concern of groundwater levels to the national stage.

Solving current water problems like groundwater scarcity and nitrates (see below) and iStock 000017339625XSmall(a) resized 600preventing even more problems in the future is the challenge facing all of us, and much of our hope lies in the education of future generations. A growing number of colleges and universities have learning programs related to the study of water usage. The importance of developing new water technologies and more efficient methods for using water cannot be overstated, and that is why both LAKOS and Laval Underground Surveys  annually award two scholarships to college-bound students looking to start a career in the groundwater industry.

2012 Ben Everson Scholarship Winners
This year’s winners  of the $1,000 scholarships are each outstanding students, who both currently work in the water industry while continuing their education. Each plans to graduate and move on to a career to somehow cultivate safe water resources for years to come. You can view more information about the 2012 winners on the Ben Everson Scholarship website.

Students can apply now for the 2013 Ben Everson Scholarship. Visit for elligibility requirements. The deadline to apply is July 1, 2013.

Solving Today’s Nitrate Problems: A New Case Study
Not only is water scarcity increasing, but the growing concern of nitrate levels in groundwater has been gaining attention. From Texas to Minnesota and California to New York, the health hazard has people worried about the levels of nitrates in the water. Nitrates occur naturally in the earth, or can be placed there by humans. Leaking sewage, fertilizers, and decomposition all can contribute to the problem. Effects of nitrate exposure to humans includes the often fatal “Blue Baby Syndrome” in infants.

One California city took action to lower the amount of Nitrates in their water. They installed a water treatment system to reduce the level of nitrates in the municipal well water. The only problem was that the new system required absolutely sand free well water. The city needed a reliable filtration solution to get the sand out of the well. They installed two LAKOS Centrifugal Separators, and the results have been astounding.

Download the new Nitrate Filtration Case Study with full details and color photographs. See how the City of Jurupa successfully removed solids and nitrates from the city water supply thanks to filtration.

"Blue Revolution" of Water Research and Innovation Is Underway


The important role that water plays in California today and the battles over its usage are a harbinger of the issues other states and countries will face in the near future. Water is needed for residential use as well as in business, and in agricultural-rich California the water requirements for crop irrigation makes it even more important. So the desire to use water wisely is on the minds of everyone in California, and will continue to be even more so in the future.

A “Blue Revolution” Being Urged by Major Research Universities
As reported by National Geographic, three research universities -- including one in California -- are focusing their attention on water issues and asking tough questions about the best use of water and innovative methods and equipment to use it more wisely. The three universities are:California's Central Valley is quickly becoming known as Blue Tech Valley

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which is about to begin a two-year campus-wide focus on water issues
  • Michigan State University, which sits in the midst of the Great Lakes and is one of the most water wealthy areas in the U.S., and has more than 100 faculty members working on water issues and their own Water Sciences Center
  • California State University at Fresno. Sitting in the middle of the Central Valley -- the most productive agricultural region in the world -- the university farms hundreds of acres of its own land in addition being home to the International Center for Water Technology (ICWT). The center is a test-bed for independent research and new technologies. In addition to the approximately 120 local companies with water-related interests, many in the valley are now calling this part of California the “Blue Tech Valley”. The university’s commitment to water research is growing even greater as it looks into the future and plans to add eight (8) new faculty positions over the next 2 years dedicated to water technology and water research. Their stated goal is to make Blue Tech Valley the Silicon Valley of water technology.

$1,000 Scholarships To Reward Water Study and Innovation
To aid in this push towards increased research and study in the field of water usage, two Blue Tech Valley companies --  the Claude Laval Corporation (LAKOS) and Laval Underground Surveys -- encourage today’s youth to strive for new water innovations by awarding two scholarships to students planning to work in this field.

Every year, two college students are each awarded $1,000 towards their education to study in some kind of a water related field. The Ben Everson Scholarships are named in honor of Ben Everson, a long time employee of both companies who personified the value of hard work, dedication, and belief in the future promise of America’s  youth. Successful candidates for the scholarship must be part of a family with experience in the groundwater or irrigation industry.

Apply Before July 1st
The deadline to apply for this year’s scholarship is July 1st, 2012. Winners will be notified by August 1st. To apply for the scholarship, visit

Celebrate “Groundwater Awareness Week” By Adding Filtration


From the Thames River in England to Mitchell County, Georgia, this winter’s lack of rainfall is causing historical droughts all over the globe. This means that groundwater levels are at an unprecedented low, hitting hard in agriculturally rich areas like the Central Valley of California and many others. The most recent reports show that the California mountain snowpack is only at 30% of its historical average. That means farmers could get only 50% of the water requested for them by the public agencies that supply water for nearly a million acres of irrigated farmland in California.Drought conditions likely in California in 2012

This Week Is National Groundwater Awareness Week In The USA

With these record low levels of groundwater all over the world, it is important now more than ever to do our part to protect this precious resource. NGWA’s National Groundwater Awareness Week comes at a perfect time, as the weather starts to warm up and more water is needed for crops and other uses.

One of the best ways to preserve groundwater is by adding filtration to a water system. Residential filtration or filtration during irrigation are great ways to not only clean water from unwanted solids, but are also efficient ways of saving water. Sand build up can clog pipes, water treatment systems, appliances, and create problems for water heaters or pressure systems. A clogged solenoid or control valve stuck in the "open" position can cause over watering. Filtration can protect your water system from all sorts of problematic solids, such as sand, silt, grit, and algae. With increasingly limited amounts of available groundwater, it’s important that we use what we have to its fullest potential.

Growing Future Generations of Groundwater Preservers

As with all precious resources, having a protective industry is key to groundwater’s preservation.  A network of thousands of professionals work every day to help conserve this natural resource. LAKOS is dedicated to expanding this important industry to future generations.

That’s why LAKOS is once again offering the annual Ben Everson Scholarship. The $1,000 scholarship is awarded each year to two students pursuing a college degree in a water related field.

Apply For FREE College Money TODAY!

Click here to see all of the details and to download the application form. The deadline to apply is July 1, 2012. All high school seniors and current college students are eligible to apply, but applicants must have a family tie to someone in the groundwater or irrigation profession. Let’s all stay focused on making the best use of water that we possibly can -- and continue to encourage new ideas and products that help use it in the most efficient ways possible.


Winners of Groundwater Scholarship and Photo Contest Finalists for July!


We know that everyone who understands the value of water filtration is already a winner, but sometimes there are a few standouts who should be recognized.

Annual Winners Announced for Ben Everson Scholarship

Claude Laval Corporation (LAKOS) and Laval Underground Surveys have each announced their winners of the 2011 Ben Everson Scholarship. This year’s winners are Louis Vaught and William Pearson, who are each planning to focus on water-related studies and will each receive a $1,000 scholarship.

Vaught plans on majoring in Civil Engineering at The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana, after which he plans to continue his family’s business of rehabilitating water wells.

Pearson is majoring in Geological Engineering at Michigan Technical University in Houston, Mich. He hopes to one day design systems that can help renew contaminated groundwater in order to provide clean drinking water for developing countries.

We hope these two ambitious collegians experience continued success in their studies, and help us all solve some of the challenges facing the water industry.

LAKOS Announces July Finalists in Photo ContestLAKOS Photo Contest August Winners
The “Where in the World is a LAKOS Solution?” Photo Contest has created a lot of buzz, and has brought in some amazing photos of filtration solutions from around the world. The July finalists follow this trend, and were recently selected -- and are now eligible to win an iPad2 at the end of this quarter. The finalists' photos are posted on our Facebook page and include:

Congratulations to these finalists who will go head to head with the finalists from August and September for a chance to win an iPad2!

There is still time to submit your photo before the August deadline, so get your photos in today!

DOWNLOAD Your FREE Scholarship Application Here, or Submit a Photo !

We are accepting applications for the 2012 Ben Everson Scholarships, and students and their families looking towards the future can apply now. Make sure your children are taking advantage of this generous offer. Complete rules and the application form can be found at the Ben Everson Scholarship website at

To submit your photo of a LAKOS product and have a chance to win an iPad2, visit the LAKOS Photo Contest entry page and ENTER today!

July is Time to Think About Water, School, and $1,000 Scholarships


We are nearing the big July 4 Holiday weekend in the U.S., which usually brings thoughts of fireworks, patriotism, and hot weather. Hot dogs, homemade ice cream, sparklers and other fireworks are typically part of the plan as well. It is a time to relax and for most of us, to enjoy the break from work and school studies.

July 1st Application Deadline

For students heading to college this Fall, or who will be returning, it is also the time to think about scholarship deadlines. If those students are planning to focus their future studies on water in some way, that could include a $1,000 Ben Everson Scholarship cashforgrad1awarded to TWO recipients each Summer. The deadline to apply is July 1st. Winners are announced on August 1st.

Ben Everson was a long-time employee of two water-related organizations committed to preserving water supplies through efficiency and effective well water filtration. Claude Laval Corporation (LAKOS) and Laval Underground Surveys have each spent decades helping to improve the lives of well drillers, homeowners, and anyone who uses water. Their irrigation filter systems, water sand separators, and downhole video camera products have been innovative breakthroughs in groundwater and water well development. Ben Everson himself was committed to life-long learning and had great faith in the power of a well-educated mind. These two $1,000 scholarships were created in his honor.

FREE Scholarship Application Form

Get the Ben Everson Scholarship Application form in Adobe PDF format and forward it via email to someone you know. Successful applicants can be high school seniors or students already enrolled in college, and must have some kind of a water-related background. They should be planning some type of career that relates to water as well, and a short essay is required of all successful applicants. Read more details on the website and pass the word (and money) to someone you know !

LAKOS Scholarships And Webinars Promote Better Use Of Water

LAKOS Separators and Filtration Systems is committed to water conservation and ongoing education, and has just announced the winner of their annual water scholarship. The $1,000 Ben Everson Scholarship was awarded to Brian Duke, a student at California State University, Sacramento, where he is majoring in LAKOS Support Water ConservationGovernment and Environmental Science. He plans to get his law degree and specialize in water management. The award is given in honor of Ben Everson, a long-time employee of LAKOS who personified the value of hard work, dedication, and a belief in the promise of America’s youth.  A similar $1,000  Scholarship was awarded by Laval Underground Surveys to Travis Kern, a student at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. Kern is majoring in Range Management and Ag Business and plans to go into a water conservation field when he graduates. Laval Underground Surveys is a maker of downhole video cameras, and like LAKOS is a division of the Claude Laval Corporation.

Education Is The Key To Finding Tomorrow's Solutions
The water and energy issues we face today are many, and it is only through considering different ideas, new technology, and effective planning that a workable solution will likely be found. Ongoing education is the key, and just as these students are  planning additional studies in water related fields, so too should each water professional commit to continuous education and learning. Webinars and other online training from organizations concerned with the future of our water supplies are a great way to start.

Download Our FREE Webinar About Water Well Health
Sand in water wells can cause damage to a submersible or turbine pump, reducing its efficiency until eventually it must be replaced. Pump protection using a centrifugal filter is one great way to prevent this from occuring. Watch our FREE webinar "Pumping Sand" and learn how this can be accomplished, saving both energy and water waste.

$1,000 Water Scholarships Still Available - Apply Today


There is just one week left until the July 1st deadline to a

pply for the Ben Everson Scholarships. Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to students that are planning on or already pursuing a college career with some specific focus on water. 


The scholarships are co-sponsored by LAKOS Filtration Systems and Laval Underground Surveys, who will each select a winner of $1,000 towards a college education. scholarshipThe scholarships are named after a long-term employee with both companies who treasured education and appreciated the value of efficient water use. The winning applicants will be the offspring of someone in the groundwater industry, and can be either a high school senior or already enrolled in a college or university.

Think of all the ways in which breakthroughs in water technology and innovations could help our world cope with scarce water supplies. Breakthroughs like:

  • An attachment to a submersible (or turbine) water well pump that prevents sand from entering the pump and thereby protects the impellers and other pump components from premature failure

Deadline To Apply Is July 1st --> Get The Application TODAY

Download the Fall 2010 Scholarship application today, or pass it along to someone you know!  Be sure to fill out the application and email it quickly! The deadline is approaching fast .




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